About the Box

What is Wags & Wine?

Wags & Wine is the first and only monthly wine subscription box for both you and your dog. Our mission is to connect wine loving dog owners with smaller production wineries, and limited ingredient dog treats and goodies. It’s time to bring an at-home, one of a kind, experience to customers and their dogs!

What will I find in my subscription box?

Each month, your Wags & Wine subscription box will include 2 bottles of wine, 2-4 dog products (depending on your subscription or how you've built your box). Be on the lookout for free extras and surprises, too!

Will I ever receive the same products?

It is possible, but would not be frequent. If you do receive the same wine or dog product, it is likely because it was a crowd pleaser and customers have asked for it back, but it will have been several months at minimum before receiving again.

The Wines

What wines will I receive?

Wags & Wine will be curating new wines every month and adding them to our Cellar.

With our original subscription model, we choose the wines for you each month. We feel that being surprised with great wine is half the fun!

If there is something you are absolutely opposed to receiving, please put it in the “notes” box upon checkout and we will do our best to accommodate.
If choosing your own wines is a must for you, please help yourself to building your own box!

Am I able to choose the wines I want?

If you select to Build Your Own Box that month, yes! This is a new May 2022 feature we are very excited about.

What wine price points can I expect?

While price points don't always mean good (or bad) wine, we like to offer our customers a variety of styles and price points.
For Classic boxes, you can expect wines that range between $12-$25 per bottle. For Premium boxes, you can expect wines that range between $20-$40 for whites and rosé, and $30-$50 for reds.

The Dog Products

Are the dog products healthy?

Although Wags & Wine does not manufacture any of the products found in your box at this time, we do our very best to ensure that every single ingredient in the products we source has been researched and verified as safe for your dog. We put extra time and effort into making sure that they are not only safe, but that they also provide benefits such as adding essential vitamins and minerals, healthy fats and allergen free options. We also strive to provide a variety of different types of treats that we source with different textures from soft and chewy, to a crispy biscuit.

Are the dog toys safe?

We stand behind the products in our box, and we would never send anything that we wouldn’t give our very own beloved pups. The toys we select for our boxes are manufactured in the U.S. (sometimes Canada) and made with non-toxic quality materials.

Please note, we do always recommend supervised play as all dogs have unique play styles. If the structure of a toy is ever compromised please throw the item away to minimize risk of ingestion.

Please see our terms & conditions for more information on liability.


Gift Subscriptions

How do gift subscriptions work?

Gift subscriptions work very similarly to regular subscriptions.

From our Gift page, choose whether you would like to gift a Premium or Classic box. Next choose the subscription length.

All gift subscriptions require payment in full upon purchase.

How to shipping charges work for Gift subscriptions?

In order to not impose recurring charges to a gift sender, all shipping charges will be billed at the time of the subscription purchase.

For example, if a 3 month subscription if gifted to a shipping address in California, a total of $30 ($10 for 3 months) in shipping fees will be added at checkout.

If a 6 month subscription is gifted to a shipping address in Florida, a total of $90 ($15 for 6 months) in shipping fees will be added at checkout.

This way, the gift giver will have no obligation of recurring charges after purchasing the gift subscription.

How do I continue my subscription after my Gift has ended?

All subscription box gifts will end after the purchased subscription length has ended.

If you would like to continue receiving Wags & Wine boxes, AWESOME! Please create an account and subscribe on the website as if you are purchasing a new subscription.

Can gift recipients choose their own products?

At this time, only regular subscriptions, in which the customer is in control of the account, has the ability to use the BYOB feature.

Should the gift recipient choose to continue with Wags & Wine boxes after receiving their gift, at that time they will be able to take advantage of the BYOB feature with a regular subscription.

Build Your Own Box

How do I build my own box?

If choosing the build your own box option, your box will start at a base price of $59.99 (for 1 month). All you have to do is go to the 'Build Your Own Box' section of the website and select the products you want. Prices of the wines and dog products will vary, as well as your "box total" depending on which products you choose.

What if I don't want to build my own?

You don't have to! Our original box model does not have our customers building their own box, but instead having Wags & Wine curate the items in the box for them. If you do not want to build your own, you simply do not need to do anything to your subscription each month.

Why can't I choose every item in the box?

At this time, only the wine portion is fully buildable. There is the ability to add or swap certain dog products, but not build the entire box completely. That will be coming later in the year!

Quick Questions

Why aren't your prices lower?

Our goal with Wags & Wine is to connect wine loving dog owners with unique wines and healthy dog products. We believe in sourcing products that you cannot always find at your local wine shop, and products with high quality ingredients that are good for you as well as your dogs. With this, that limits our ability to charge a lower price point. We realize that by doing this, our subscription box will not be for everyone, as our business model is not to provide the lowest price, or value deal wines.

For the Wags, our primary focus is sourcing healthy, limited ingredient, natural dog treats from under-the-radar dog treat companies. We want to support the underdog (pun intended) and smaller, or lesser known, businesses. In addition, dog treats and toys made in the U.S. with non-toxic, quality ingredients, is a smaller market. This makes it much more challenging to source, and in turn, increases the cost to find such products, rather than outsourcing.

For the wine, our primary focus is sourcing wines from small (or “boutique”) vintners (for Premium boxes) that are hand-crafted, small-lot and family-owned. Many of which are unavailable anywhere else outside of the wineries that created them. To produce wines for the ‘extreme value’ category, a winery must have a very large commercial production. Due to the smaller production of these wines, our suppliers do not have the luxury of charging an aggressively lower price point like the large wine producers. Most bottles from these boutique wineries retail between $28-45 per bottle.

All of this increases production costs for our suppliers. We hope you understand our vision, and that we are doing everything we can to provide you the best possible price for unique, quality products.

Will I be charged sales tax?

Sales tax will be collected in states where we are required to by law.

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Payments & Billing

When will I be charged?

New subscribers will be charged at the time of subscribing. All active subscription renewals will be billed on the 1st of each month. At this time, we are unable to change the billing date.

Can I change my billing date?

At this time, we cannot change the billing. All subscriptions have a billing date of the 1st of the month, and all orders will be shipped either the first or second monday of the month, depending on when we receive the goods and get the boxes packed..


Where do you ship?

The regulatory environment for shipping alcohol to consumers nationwide is an extremely complex and ever changing landscape. The rules around where we can and can’t ship are changing constantly along with the shipping rates. The list of states in our drop down menu at checkout is not necessarily representative of where we can legally ship.

Please submit your order and our processing team will check it for compliance. If there are any issues with your order we will contact you. To find the current shipping rate, simply add a product to your shopping cart, click on checkout, fill in the ship to state on the checkout page and our shipping calculator will show the available services and rates to that state. Wags & Wine reserves the right to change the flat rate shipping charges at any time.

Why do you charge for shipping?

We know paying for shipping sucks, but wine is HEAVY, and costs much more to ship than your average box. While we could have hidden the cost of shipping in the price of the box, like many companies do with their products, and offer free shipping – we didn’t think the value of the box was accurately portrayed.

We are doing our best to get shipping costs down, so please bear with us while we navigate this. We hope to offer lower shipping costs as we continue to grow!

Depending on your location, we offer UPS Flat Rate Ground of either $10, $12, $15 or $20, and 25% off 2 day and 3 day.

Additionally, by law, wine must be purchased, and signed for at the time of delivery, by a person at least 21 years of age.

Can I change my shipping date?

At this time, we only shipping the boxes once per month, either the first or second Monday. We hope to be able to offer chosen shipping dates in the future.

If you know you will be unavailable to sign for your package or unable to ship it elsewhere, during the last week of the month, please contact us with your order number and we will do our best to accommodate.


Do I need to be home for my delivery?

YES! Wine requires a 21 and up signature upon delivery.

With UPS, there will be 3 delivery attempts (once each day for 3 consecutive days). They typically leave a slip of paper at your door saying that they attempted to deliver. These notices generally have a phone number to call and/or the address of their local depot. In most cases, you can arrange to pick the package up there.

If the customer still does not sign after 3 delivery attempts, the shipment will be held at their local center for 5 days before being returned to wags & wine. If that happens, we’re sorry but we’ll need to charge you to ship it again.

When will I receive my box?

Boxes currently ship once per month, on the 1st or 2nd Monday of the month.

What is if I miss my delivery completely?

The customer will incur a $15 return/restocking fee, plus the cost to re-ship, if the box is returned to us and reshipped a second time. This is why we stress to track your package and ensure someone is able to accept and sign for the package to avoid additional charges. Shipping charges are never, under any circumstances, refundable..

UPS My Choice®

What is UPS My Choice®?

UPS My Choice® is FREE and gives you the ability manage all of your deliveries more easily. If you sign up for UPS My Choice® with the same email and address as your Wags & Wine shipping address, you will receive live updates on your package and when it will be delivered, sometimes within a 2 hour estimated window!

Why should I sign up for UPS My Choice®?

Due to the your Wags & Wine box needing a 21 and up signature for delivery, this will lessen the instances of missed packages. We highly recommend this for all customers.

How much does it cost?

Nothing, it's FREE!.

Returns & Refunds

Please see our Refund & Return Policy for more information. If there is a problem with your box, please reach out to us directly.