For the Love of Dogs: A Guide to the Best Dog Treats

For the Love of Dogs: A Guide to the Best Dog Treats

Dog owners often fall into a routine when they head to the supermarket — they’ll grab the same standard pack of treats for their furry pals to enjoy. Now, while there’s nothing wrong with this, just like how humans don’t want to eat the same dessert day after day, your dogs enjoy mixing up their snacks, too. 

Of course, if you’re at a loss for what options you can give your pets that are high-quality and flavorful, this guide can help. We’ll dive into the world of premium dog treats, understanding their dietary role, identifying some great  brands, and unveiling the treats most loved by dogs. 

Plus, you deserve a treat too, so we’ve also lined up a few wine selections for you to enjoy alongside your dog’s favorite cookies. 

Are Dog Treats Healthy? 

Before we dive into choosing treats for your pooch, you might be wondering if these snacks are actually healthy for your dog. 

Like most things in life, the answer isn't a simple 'yes' or 'no.' Much depends on the type of treat, its ingredients, and how often you spoil your pet with it. 

In terms of ingredients, you may find some treats are filled with artificial colors, flavors, or fillers that aren’t the best choices for our dogs. However, some treats also contain additional nutrients that can actually help your pup out. 

A few examples include: 

  • Joint health: These treats contain nutrients like hyaluronic acid and glucosamine that help boost joint health, which is particularly great for senior pets. 
  • Skin and coat health: These treats contain nutrients such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to support healthy fur and skin.
  • Dental treats: These are specifically formulated to help clean teeth and freshen breath. 

Even so, it's important to remember that treats are not meant to replace well-balanced meals. They can add nutritional value but aren't intended to provide complete sustenance. 

More so, overeating treats could lead to obesity and other health issues. Because of this, they should only make up 10% of your pup’s daily caloric intake.

So, while dog treats can have a place in a healthy diet, it's important to choose wisely and in moderation. Much like how you should stick to only a glass or two of your favorite Merlot, you don’t want your pups to go overboard on their sweet snacks, either. 

What to Consider When Looking for Dog Treats

When you head to the store to choose dog treats, there are a couple of things to keep in mind: 

  • Your dog’s health profile
  • The ingredients in the treat
  • Your dog’s specific dietary needs
  • Your dog’s age
  • Your dog’s size

Let’s go into these factors in greater detail. 

Your Dog’s Age

The age of your pooch also matters. For instance, puppies usually prefer softer treats, while adult dogs might enjoy something crunchy. Think about these factors as you select treats for your dog. 

The Size of Your Pup 

When it comes to size, a small breed like a Cocker Spaniel would struggle with a large treat meant for a German Shepherd. It would be difficult to watch your adorable furry pal trying, unsuccessfully, to deal with a treat that was too large. Learning from the experience, make sure to choose size-appropriate treats. 

The Treat Ingredients

Before purchasing treats, it’s crucial to give the ingredient list a thorough read. My rule of thumb is: if I can't pronounce it, my dog doesn't eat it. Make sure the treats you give your dog are free from artificial preservatives, colors, and filler ingredients.

Their Overall Health

The health requirements of dogs, especially those with dietary allergies or sensitivities, are also essential to consider. Let's be honest — it's tempting to reward those sweet begging eyes with one treat after the other. 

Make sure the treats you choose aren’t going to cause issues for pups with health conditions, such as diabetes, food sensitivities, or IBS, before grabbing them.

What Dog Treats Do Dogs Like the Most?

Besides things like the ingredients and your dog’s age and size, you’ll also want to think about the flavor and style of the treats you choose. Both these factors can influence whether or not your dog will turn up its nose or chow down with vigor on the treats. Trial, error, and a handful of taste tests (for them, not you) will help you find the perfect treat. 


When it comes to what flavor dogs like best, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Some dogs will do flips for fish-flavored treats, while others won't even sniff it. 

Still, with that said, there are a couple of flavors that most dogs seem to be partial too. Poultry, whether it be chicken, duck or turkey, always seems to get tails wagging. 

Meaty flavors, like beef and lamb, are also a big hit. Fish-based treats like the dehydrated white fish filets fetch a great response for our more refined canine friends. Whitefish tend to have a mild flavor that even breeds known for their picky palates appreciate. 


Flavor isn't the only consideration when selecting treats your dog will love; texture plays a significant role, too. It can be divided into two camps: 

  • Crunchy cadre 
  • Chewy crew. 

Some dogs derive immense satisfaction from the audible crunch of biscuits like the classic crunchy natural dog treats, while others prefer the squishy softness of other natural training dog treats. 

What are the Best Dog Treats on the Market?

There’s no one answer for what the best dog treats on the market are, as this will depend on your specific pooch. However, that’s not to say there aren’t some picks that are better than others. 

A few examples include: 

  • HOLI Rabbit Dog Treats: snacks high in vitamin B12 (bonus: rabbit is a novel protein that is a great choice for dogs with allergies to common proteins)
  • Pawfectly Delicious, All-Natural Ginger Bones: ginger-flavored biscuits made with organic eggs (bonus: this company is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing meaningful employment opportunities and celebrating the unique talents of differently-abled adults)
  • Greens & Cheddar Pretzels: doggie pretzels packed with vitamins and amino acids
  • Burger Soft Chew Dog Treats: treats that give an ode to summer barbecues, perfect fo your dog to snack on at your next warm-weather gathering
  • Bone Broth Biscuits: treats made using real bone broth for maximum flavor

As we navigate the world of providing the best for our tail-wagging companions, let’s remember to include ourselves in the pampering as well. 

If we’re treating our dogs, why not pour ourselves a glass of our favorite wine? It becomes a cherished ritual, a moment where time slows down, and we bask in simple joys. After all, happiness is a wagging tail and a good wine glass, isn’t it?

Wags & Wine is the perfect choice for dog owners who want to treat themselves while spoiling their pets, too. Most of our boxes come with at least 1 bottle of our label, Hair of the Dog wines, as well as one treat bag or toy, one chew/bone, and one other dog item (usually a branded cookie or roll of poop bags). Plus, we throw in free gifts regularly! Build your own box, choose a classic subscription, or grab one of our premium boxes. 

What Brand is the Best for Dog Treats?

As a dog parent and lover of all things canine, constantly seeking the very best for your four-legged companions is a must, right? Part of this search includes looking into the perfect brand that offers varieties of dog treats to ensure that your dog still gets to experience variety, quality, and safety. 

Remember that the best dog treat is about the wholesome ingredients, nutritional benefits, and certainly, tail-wagging satisfaction your dogs should have. So whether it's training, rewarding, or spoiling, choose treats that make both you and your dog feel good.

If you need a few suggestions for which treats to give your pup, here are a few to check out.

1. HOLI Rabbit Dog Treats

HOLI dog treats are high in B12 and low in cholesterol. They’re made of rabbit meat, which is a unique protein that’s perfect for pups who can’t have some of the more common meats. 

These treats are freeze-dried raw, which helps keep them packed with nutrients and ensures they’ve got a powerful flavor. Plus, the farmers and facilities that produce them are all USDA-approved.

2. Pawfectly Delicious, All Natural Ginger Bones

Pawfectly Delicious treats are ginger-flavored biscuits that are ideal for your pooch to munch on. They also contain organic eggs, making them an even better pick for your dog. Best of all, this company is a nonprofit organization that uses some of its earnings to help provide employment for young adults with disabilities. 

3. Greens & Cheddar Pretzels

Greens & Cheddar Pretzels are the perfect treat for a pooch. Not only do they have a fun shape, but they’re also packed with amino acids and vitamins. Made with applesauce, piles of greens, and tasty cheddar cheese, these snacks are ideal for providing your pup with a treat that’s healthy, too.

4. Burger Soft Chew Dog Treats

Crown & Tail dog treats are delicious cheddar and bacon-flavored bites that are ideal for your dog to munch on. They’re small snacks but are packed with crude protein and fiber, helping supply your dog with nutrients even while he’s enjoying a treat. 

5. Bone Broth Biscuits

Just like how a hearty bowl of soup can fill you up on a cold day, these treats are packed with yummy flavors that will satisfy your dog’s cravings. Bocce’s Bakery bone broth treats are made using carrots, parsley for bad breath, oats, and bone broth made from USA beef. 

How Much Do Dogs Like Getting Surprises?

Just like humans, our canine companions enjoy a good surprise, and introducing new treats can be an adventurous experience for them. After all, who doesn't like to have their day shaken up a bit now and then, right? Their enthusiastic tail wags and excited puppy eyes every time you reach for the dog treat jar are pretty solid indicators of how much they relish these unexpected goodies.

Adding this variety not only heightens their excitement, it also broadens their dietary palette. Different treats supply different nutrients — some are fortified with extra glucosamine for joint health, others are grain-free for sensitive stomachs, and some are aimed to clean teeth and freshen breath.

Subscription boxes like Wags and Wine can bring a wonderful assortment of surprises for your pet and are perfect for those dogs who love the thrill of novelty. At the same time, these boxes include bottles of wine so that the owners can enjoy a treat of their own. 

Pairing Dog Treats with Your Wine Selections: A Fun Twist

The art of wine pairing has been practiced for centuries, elevating meals by harmonizing flavors and textures. But who says we can't bring this gourmet practice into our dog-loving lives, pairing our favorite wines with the treats our pets enjoy the most?

Let me give you a playful example. Let’s say your pup loves chicken-flavored treats. What better way to complement these savory morsels than with a glass of Chardonnay for yourself? The buttery, smooth notes of the Chardonnay could beautifully offset the rich, meaty chicken scent of the treats that your dog so loves, intensifying your shared treat time.

Of course, this is all about adding some extra fun to treat time, ensuring the dog (and wine-loving) parents partake in the enjoyment. While your furry friends won't necessarily appreciate your superb wine selection, they'll certainly revel in your combined treat moments. Fill their bowls with their favorite treats and your glass with a choice wine, and make every treat time a toast to your unbreakable bond.

Cheers to Happy, Healthy Dogs and Sweet Sips 

Quality treats play a pivotal role in our dogs' well-being. Similar to how you might love munching on some chocolate chip cookies, our adorable canine companions take pleasure in their treats, snapping them up with similar gusto.

Just like how you don’t want to eat the same cookies all the time, your dogs don’t want to get stuck chowing down on the same treats, either. That’s where Wags & Wine can help. We’ll hand-select high-quality, mouthwatering treats for your canine each month. 

Plus, we’ll pair the treats with a sublime selection of top-tier wines for yourself so you can both enjoy a treat. Subscribe today and let us take the guesswork out of finding healthy, tasty treats for your dog. Don’t forget to sign up for our emails, either, to get 50% off your first order and to stay in the know about seasonal products, discounts, and upcoming pop-up events near you!