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With vineyards located adjacent to some world class vineyards and with an array of various soils, elevations, and sun exposures, he knew it was just waiting for vines to be planted. Their commitment to excellence begins in the Caton Vineyard where winemaker Ty Caton sustainably farms the hillside fruit used in his Moon Mountain District wine of the Mayacamas mountain range. As one of the few exclusively estate producers in Sonoma Valley, Ty works with the grapes from soil to glass enabling him to make extraordinary wines that showcase the vineyard. Forging a new definition of quality, Ty Caton is dedicated to Actively Seeking Excellence.
Pezzy Pets single ingredient treats are not only free of icky additives, but they are made from the fish we NEED to overfish. Pezzy works with artisanal fishermen to turn the tide against the hated, invasive "devil fish" or armored catfish, in turn helping restore native fisheries while boosting local employment. These crunchy fish strips are 100% handmade and are high in protein and low in calories. Treats are shelf-stable and are great for both dogs and cats. Pezzy Pets is a proud certified B Corp, making the world a little better place one tasty bite at a time.

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