About Us

Hi there! Wags & Wine founders here – just a dog loving, wine drinking, husband and wife. We figured you may be curious how this idea came about, right? Well, it all started on a cold, snowy day in Chicago. No, seriously. While living in Chicago, we kept finding ourselves in a predicament. On one hand, we wanted to head out after work for a drink, but on the other hand, we never wanted to leave our dog home any longer than necessary (see PHOTO OF THE dashing black Pomeranian IN THE BLUE VEST – Weezy!). I’m sure many of you can relate! In Chicago, it’s too cold to sit outside most of the year, so we always wondered why there wasn’t a place where we could grab a glass of wine AND bring our dog inside. The thought of opening one ourselves did cross our minds, but the idea faded away not to be thought of again, until about 7 years later.

Fast forward to 2020 when we found ourselves at home, drinking, adopting dogs (see PHOTO OF THE dashing white, mostly hairless, BLANKET HOGGING Pomeranian – Alfie!). Our doorstep was full of subscription orders, various wine clubs to give ourselves variety, Amazon box after Amazon box. That’s when it hit us. Let’s bring the ‘after work drink’ and hanging out with your dog, right to you!

So here we are. Hand selecting (and tasting) all of the wines included in our boxes. Mostly from Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino County wineries, with more regions planned in the future. Our goal at Wags & Wine is to support the smaller, USA/Canada made, businesses. We strive to provide products from handcrafted wineries and dog treat companies that you cannot find at your local big box grocer or pet supply store. So please – Slobber. Sip. Snuggle…. and enjoy!